Home Collectives Fillable Light Bulb Containers

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Home Collectives Fillable Light Bulb Containers

Home Collectives Fillable Light Bulb Containers

Product description

Light up your imagination with Home Collectives Fillable Lightbulbs! These plastic novelty lightbulbs are the perfect addition to parties, gifts, DIY projects, home décor and more! A transparent plastic material makes it easy to see what’s inside. Fill yours with anything from jelly beans to gummy bears.

It’s shaped like a standard light bulb with a twist off lid that mimics a typical screw in connection. Twist off the top and fill it with whatever you please. They’re perfect souvenirs for weddings, events, birthday parties, baby showers, graduations and so much more. Customize yours by detailing them with ribbon, personalized tags or stickers. Brighten up every occasion today!


4” Tall Dishwasher Safe for USA Plastic Great for DIY Projects Perfect for Home Décor Reusable Available in 12, 24 or 36 Pack


The possibilities are endless with these convenient and creative plastic bulbs. Use them to make adorable party favors and gifts. Fill them with candy and finish them with a ribbon. It’s the perfect way to give people a token of your appreciation. Give your home a touch of magic when you use them for home décor. Use them to store knick-knacks or office supplies like paperclips, buttons or pushpins. They can also be used in the kitchen as a unique way to store spices, soaps, and so much more. Create unique decorations and fill them with color sand or glitter.


These versatile novelty light bulbs are perfect for holidays and special events. They can be transformed into innovative ornaments. They’re a great addition to centerpieces for dinner tables and more! Use battery powered fairy lights to give them a dazzling glow. Give them as a token of appreciation to family members and guests.

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